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EcoPro Brand Identity

Project Description

The EcoPro Training Center, dedicated to diving training for the purpose of monitoring and protecting coral reefs and endangered marine life, embarked on an inspiring project to design the brand identity. The goal was to create a cohesive and impactful brand identity that reflects their mission of environmental conservation and attracts like-minded individuals who are passionate about marine conservation.

To start the project, extensive research was conducted to obtain information about the business and services to be provided by the center, marine conservation efforts, and the target audience. This allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the EcoPro Training Center’s unique value proposition and its commitment to sustainable diving practices.

In close collaboration with the EcoPro team, a brand identity was designed, to sum up the core values and aspirations of the center. Design elements have been carefully chosen to evoke a sense of harmony, serenity, and responsibility for the underwater ecosystem. The colors were inspired by the color of water, which is the vibrant light blue color, which is the color of the surface of the water, and also dark blue, which is the color of the seabed and deep areas in the seas and oceans, where the two colors light blue and dark blue were combined to represent the beauty and vitality of the sea.

The logo design was the cornerstone of the brand identity.
Based on the logo, a range of supporting visual materials were developed, including business cards, stationery, and promotional materials. Each piece adheres to applicable visual identity guidelines, ensuring a consistent and recognizable brand presence across various touch points.

The EcoPro Training Center brand identity design project is a testament to the power of design to communicate brand values and enhance a sense of purpose. Capturing the essence of marine conservation through thoughtful design elements, the visual identity served as a compelling invitation for individuals to join the center’s endeavors and make a positive impact on the underwater world.

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